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Woman sentenced to life in prison for murdering 4-year-old son she thought was gay


TW: Child abuse, child murder, graphic depictions of assault

An Oregon woman has been sentenced to life in prison after murdering her 4-year-old son because she thought he might be gay.

Jessica Dutro and her boyfriend Brian Canady were both convicted last month for the 2013 murder of 4-year-old Zachary. Canady will only serve 12.5 years for his role in the murder:

The abusive mother of four was convicted earlier this month after courtroom testimony revealed she had conspired with Canady to inflict bodily harm on her four-year-old son Zachary, after she instructed Canady to “do some work on him.” In a series of Facebook messages presented in court, Dutro reportedly told Canady she suspected her son of being gay because “he walks and talks like it. Ugh.”

Zachary reportedly died from a combination of blunt-force trauma and failure to seek medical attention immediately after the attack. Trauma nurses noted that when the family finally arrived at the hospital, Zachary was “essentially dead,” and his three-year-old brother and seven-year-old sister were covered in bruises.

No words for how vile this is. I’m actually having trouble processing it.

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